Annual Meetings

The 4rd Annual Meeting will take place at Aarhus University 22nd November. Programme and registration.

The 3rd Annual Meeting took place at DTU 3rd March 2017 in the form of a scientific symposium. LASERLAB symposium invitation, program.

The 2nd Annual Meeting took place in Aarhus 11th December in the form of a scientific symposium and was hosted by FemtoLab. The invitation is available here.

The 1st Annual Meeting took place in Aarhus 19th August 2014. All heads of scientific committees as well as members of the management committee met and discussed the future of LASERLAB.DK

GroupPic 1st Annual Meeting. From left to right: Peter Balling (AU), Peter Uhd Jepsen (DTU), Jan Arlt (AU), Jes Broeng (DTU, DOPS), Morten Kristiansen (AAU), Sergey I. Bozhevolnyi (SDU), Christian Vestergaard Poulsen (NKT Photonics), Lars H. Andersen (AU, head of department), Søren Keiding (AU), Torben Lorentzen (FORCE Technology, LWT), Michael Drewsen (AU), Peter Ogilby (AU), Jonathan Brewer (SDU, DaMBIC). Also participating: Merete Hædersdal (Bisbebjerg Hospital).

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